Well-Aging: Beauty for All Ages


 April 2, 2021

Well-Aging: Beauty for All Ages

For centuries, people have been seeking that all-elusive fountain of youth. The ultimate cure? Well-aging.

Different from anti-aging, well-aging is a newer concept of embracing the process of growing older than trying to stop it. The never-ending journey to reverse the signs of aging has now given way to more natural, lifestyle-focused choices that make them look and feel great. These choices become more of a celebration of growing into their own skin, wrinkles and all.

Targeting the Mature Demographic

Savvy beauty brands are releasing products aimed at mature women, a demographic that hasn’t received a lot of attention in the past.

This is a demographic that is growing and gaining more attention online. In fact, by 2030, one in five Americans will be in the 65 and older age group. A report released by Social Standards revealed some insight about the demographics surrounding anti-aging conversations happening on social media: while there will always be a market for anti-aging, a key audience that brands should be aware of are women between 30 and 60 years old (about six times the amount of males discussing the topic online).

The older demographic typically has more money than their younger counterparts, but they’re also working longer, dating more frequently and remarrying later in life. This revamped sense of vitality among older consumers has reshaped thinking on aging and self-esteem and requires new approaches by beauty product developers and marketers to offer clear benefits and relevance to a vibrant population that would rather enhance than mask its natural look.

It’s no surprise that older consumers are a critical demographic for the beauty industry because they represent an affluent and growing demographic.

Anti-Aging Market Predicted to Grow

From anti-aging creams to cosmetic highlighters, consumers have been reluctant to grow old. But conversations are changing. In recent years, the field of aging research in the beauty industry has exploded with new clinical findings.

As reported by Coherent Market Insights, anti-aging topicals and therapies are expected to expand at a CAGR of 7.3% by 2027. Anti-wrinkle products, anti-stretch mark products, UV absorbers and naturals are expected to be among the top key players.

Find Well-Aging Ingredients

Today, consumers understand that the physical signs of aging are far more a product of lifestyle choices, such as what they’re putting on their skin, rather than of calendar years. And we’re here to help. At Omya Kinetik, we give you the support you need to stay on top of trends like well-aging. We also understand the complexities of the natural marketplace and will help you navigate through the process.

Some common ingredients to consider using in your next project include:

  • GLA Inflamox™ from Green Line– Powerful, oil-soluble botanical complex. Provides excellent anti- oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for anti-aging and skin soothing preparations.
  • Nixalin™ from Terlys– A multi-functional, natural and sustainable active ingredient rich in betulin, a powerful triterpene. This botanical extract provides multiple benefits including restoration of the skin barrier.
  • Gatuline® Link n Lift from Gattefosse- By reconnecting the epidermis to the dermis and enhancing the communication pathway, Gatuline® Link n Lift restores the features of young skin.
  • Peptidox® Plus P from Gfn Selco– Peptidox Plus P helps to diminish lines and visible signs of aging by supporting anti-wrinkle effects caused by contraction of muscles of facial expressions, decreasing neuronal excitability by SNARE complex destabilisation.

Let our experts help guide you in building the perfect formulation for your next product. Contact us today.