Staying On Top of Social Media Beauty Trends


 April 17, 2020

Social Media Beauty Trends

Clean beauty products are surging in popularity. Social media beauty trends, along with increased consumer awareness of product ingredients, drive this new shopping behavior. From athleisure beauty and sustainable skincare to manuka honey, CBD and natural bath bombs, social media is reshaping the face of clean beauty.

How Social Media is Reshaping the Face of Beauty Trends

Thanks to today’s omnichannel world of limitless blogging, vlogging and social media postings, skincare is top of mind with consumers worldwide. Whether it’s launching subscription plans for facials or adding new skincare lines targeted at men, social media has opened doors for brands to discuss innovative beauty routines and showcase trends directly to consumers.

Armed with more knowledge than ever before, buyers are turning to social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok to access DIY makeup tips, beauty secrets, how-to videos and authentic feedback about brands they’re interested in using.

1. Influencers Have the Power

As an accessible and free platform, social media helps beauty brands make important, authentic connections with consumers via influencers. They create an immersive experience for beauty fans and keep them coming back for more. In fact, according to Pixability, which tracks social media influencers, global views of beauty videos on YouTube jumped 60%, to 219 billion, in the past year. They also estimate that Millennials make up 60% of Facebook’s beauty audience.

This unique dynamic provides beauty entrepreneurs the chance to shine, without the need for big marketing dollars.

2. The Lure of Instant Gratification

The highly visual nature of social media has changed the way customers are learning about and buying beauty products. Shoppers are inundated with social media beauty trends everywhere they go. At one click, consumers can comparison shop, buy specific brands and products featured in images and videos, post selfies and gain instant gratification, both for themselves and their purchases. Beauty counters have been pushed to the background.

Social media has forever changed the way consumers interact with brands. Social media messaging accelerated response times. Consumers now expect a response to their question or concern within hours, ideally minutes. They want instant gratification. For brands, acting quickly is essential to grab the customer’s attention and encourage them to buy. Every second counts.

3. The Local Brand Feel

Beauty consumers, especially millennials, care about more than the products. They care about the beauty brand’s values and their impact on the community. In fact, Forbes reported that supporting local businesses is increasingly becoming more important to younger generations. Half of millennials claim they would pay more to support a small business.

For big brands, social media is the best way to build an authentic connection to the community that corresponds to their market.

Stay on Top of Trends with Clean Beauty Formulations from Kinetik

Social media beauty trends are constantly evolving. Are you prepared to keep up?

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