Skinification of Hair Care — The Latest Beauty Trend


 August 21, 2021

What Is the Skinification of Hair Care?

Top beauty brands have begun integrating skincare-like ingredients into their hair care products, leading to the so-called “skinification” of hair care. Hair care staples like scalp scrubs, serums, and even shampoos are being reformulated with ingredients like probiotics, CBD, caffeine, and salicylic acid. Men and women are investing in hair care products designed to treat specific issues, such as dryness and split ends.

A Global Beauty Trend

Consumer spending on hair care products is on the rise, driven in part by the increased use of higher-end ingredients and more sophisticated product formulations. The global hair care industry is expected to reach $211 billion by 2025, representing 3% growth year-over-year.

What accounts for that growth? As consumers have become more educated about the ingredients in their skin care and hair care products, they have become interested in products at higher price points. The skinification of hair care is a trend that extends beyond any single demographic or age group. Men and women around the world are showing a greater appetite for high-quality hair and scalp products. According to data from the NPD Group, consumers prioritized hair care and skin care above all other beauty categories last year, with a 30% growth in sales of hair masks and hair treatments in the second quarter.

Skincare-Inspired Hair Products 

Innovations that changed the skin care industry are being adapted for hair. Thanks to the skinification of hair care, men and women are experimenting with new treatments, such as hair masks, scalp serums, and more. 

Given that skin naturally extends from the forehead to become the scalp, you could expect that some of the most popular hair care products in 2021 would be designed to promote scalp health. Ingredients such as AHAs, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C are all being utilized in the latest hair care product formulations.

Examples of Skincare-Inspired Hair Products 

Nearly any hair product could be considered skincare-inspired, it just depends on the ingredients used in the formulation. By far, the most common products to contain skincare-inspired ingredients are hair cleansers and shampoos. Thanks to the skinification of hair care, hair shampoos now are being reformulated to contain many of the same ingredients found in moisturizers, including ceramides and urea. These moisturizing ingredients smooth hair strands and fill in cracks, which prevents moisture loss and strengthens the integrity of the hair shaft.

Other hair products that have been reformulated to include skincare-inspired ingredients include:

  • Conditioners
  • Scalp serums
  • Hair masks
  • Hair oils
  • Styling gels

Omya Kinetik’s Skincare-Inspired Formulations

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