Skin Microbiome


 December 25, 2018

As trends in cosmetics and the personal care industry are much more geared toward natural products, clean beauty and sustainability, it’s no wonder skin microbiome and probiotic claims are a hot topic at the moment.

Let’s explore the topic of skin microbiome, probiotics and how they work together to keep bodies healthy from the outside…in.

What is the Skin Microbiome?

Human skin microbiome, also known as microbiota or microflora, includes all of the microorganisms living on and inside the body including viruses, bacteria, fungi and yes, even mites. With more than one trillion bacteria living in and on our skin, these essential bugs act as an extension of the body and play an integral role as a barrier to protect our skin.

The popularity of the concept really started gaining traction back in 2012, when the Human Microbiome Project was completed, changing the understanding of the body’s microbioal ecology. Overseen by the National Institutes of Health, the five-year project revealed many details on the amazing variety of microbial communities throughout our bodies, Other microbiomes include zones such as the intestines, vagina, mouth, nose and respiratory system.

Now, forward-thinking personal care brands are taking what they’ve learned and formulating health-enhancing products that contain ingredients, such as probiotics, which are designed to enhance activity within the skin microbiome.

The Connection Between Skin Microbiome and Probiotics

The microbiome in and on our skin work to fight off infection, prevent environmental damage, increase immunity, regulate pH and keep skin looking and feeling healthy. They also share a strong connection with the microbiome in our gut, supercharging the popularity of probiotics among many personal care brands.

For example, Mother Dirt AO+ Mist is a patented live probiotic mist. Allure magazine describes the product on their website, “Over time, as we’ve adopted more rigorous hygiene habits, we’ve lost some of our microbial diversity. Mother Dirt aims to reintroduce our skin to the Nitrosomonas eutropha strain and bring back its unique benefits.”

There’s no doubt about it, skin microbiome is complex. And while there’s still so much to learn, many recent research studies have allowed consumers to gain a better understanding of the role of skin microbiome in their health. It’s uncharted territory for many beauty brands.

This opens the door to offer a more holistic approach by formulating products that consider the importance of skin microbiome.

Ingredients for the Skin Microbiome Movement By Kinetik

With the increase in consumer demands for more quality, natural cosmetics, as well as clean beauty products, it’s imperative for cosmetics and the personal care brands to put some focus on the importance of skin microbiome.

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