Creating a Sensory Experience: Cosmetic Sensory and Texture Enhancers | Innovative Skin Care Formulations


 April 9, 2019

Sensory and texture enhancers are key considerations influencing consumers’ choice in purchasing cosmetics and personal care products. A product’s success does not just depend on how well the product performs or whether it’s considered “clean,” it’s also about how the product works. It’s no longer enough for a product to do its job. If a product doesn’t create a positive experience, consumers won’t be back for more.

And this beauty trend is here to stay.

Beauty Consumers Can Feel Kinetik

Beauty Consumers Can Feel

Multi-sensory personal care products have grown in popularity over the years. The appeal of sensory and texture enhancers has become equally as important as performance and functional benefits. Creating a memorable product experience enables brands to connect with their audience on a deeper level and build strong brand loyalty.

According to an article in Cosmetics Design, “With increasing competition in this sector, sensory now matters more than ever to help a consumer really fall in love with every aspect of your product. With so many products and so much choice focused on sensory, it is important to captivate your target market from that very first touch through to everyday use. It’s almost as important now as how well the product actually works!”

Texture, hydration, touch, and scent are some of the key sensories influencing consumer emotions —  and decisions to buy. Savvy brands already know that it’s not only about the way a product performs, but also how it affects the mood and creates a unique beauty experience that consumers can feel.

Does a product make consumers smile? Relax? Feel energized? Simplify things? These added benefits (and more) are all sensory enhancements that are making a difference at the cash register.

Sensory Innovation Creating an Experience in Personal Care Products Kinetik

Sensory Innovation Creating an Experience in Personal Care Products

Consumers have come to expect certain attributes, such as silky, velvety, powdery, tightening, light, fresh, non-greasy, crackling, temperature effects, etc. Different sensory experiences induce specific expectations in consumers. For example, “thickness” in lotions and creams can be associated with providing extra moisture. Menthol-type scents invigorate. Unusual colors invoke playfulness.

From skin care, eye serums and redefining powders to male grooming products, such as face and beard cleansers, innovative ingredients that provide sensory qualities are elevating brands’ consumer appeal.

Cosmetic Ingredients for Today’s Consumer: Sensory and Texture Enhancers in Cosmetics

To stand out in highly saturated markets, brands can’t only offer quality products and be visually appealing to consumers. They must also provide an engaging experience through novel ingredients that exceed the target market’s sensory expectations. Give them the WOW factor to win (and keep) their attention.

Including these unexpected sensory and texture enhancements oftentimes make a difference when it comes to attracting a new buyer or retaining existing buyers. Consider these examples of sensory enhancements:

  • Face masks in vibrant colors, instead of plain white or clear
  • Scented makeup, making the application more fun
  • Cooling creams and topicals to help tighten skin
  • Calming ingredients to reduce stress in new ways
  • Novelty shapes and application designs


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