3 Personal Skin Care Formula Considerations


 May 15, 2020

3 Personal Skin Care Formula Considerations

With an ever-changing environment influenced by industry trends and strong consumer preferences for natural products, it’s more important than ever for clean beauty brands to up their game to stand out from the competition. Working with an expert raw materials distributor is an important first step. From personal skin care formula considerations to regulatory compliance, we understand the clean beauty space and can help you stand out.

Here are just a few considerations when it comes to best-practices for creating a natural personal skin care formula.

1. Innovation

Thousands of beauty products line today’s retail shelves and online stores. It’s no secret that the cosmetic and personal skin care industry is highly competitive. Innovation in the personal care market is at an all-time high. From J Beauty to simplified textures, consumers want more than a product. They want an experience.

Kinetik can help you deliver that experience.

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2. Safety

Safety is an essential part of natural skin care formulas. Sourcing ingredients from a trusted, high-quality manufacturer is key for not only developing innovative formulas, but also for creating safe and stable products.

Brands must ensure that products undergo adequate and appropriate testing, even if that means going above and beyond basic regulatory requirements. Not only is it a safety factor, but it can be a key differentiator.

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3. Efficacy

Consumers want an honest product that is safe and effective. It’s important for brands to create a formulation with ingredients that work well together to ensure the product remains effective over time and delivers on its claims.

Personal skin care formulation is a complex science. Seemingly inconsequential details, like the order or speed of adding ingredients, can affect the final product. A trusted, experienced partner will help you navigate the process and retain maximum efficacy.

Start Your Personal Skin Care Formula Journey With Kinetik

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