A Beginner’s Guide to Personal Care Formulation


 July 14, 2021

How Personal Care Formulations Are Developed

In cosmetic science, we work with raw materials and natural ingredients to develop personal care products with precise formulations designed to elicit a desired response. Laboratory scientists take their formulations from the concept stage through reverse engineering, all the way to the final testing phases to ensure new products are safe to apply to the skin. Personal care products for the hair, hands, body and face all require extremely precise formulations, which can be adapted to suit different requirements and customer requests.

Reading Personal Care Formulas

Personal care formulas must be written by %w/w, which stands for “weight for weight.” To ensure batch consistency, scientists must weigh for all inputs, and all formulas must total 100%w/w. The method used to develop a personal care formula must be written based on the raw ingredients and materials selected.

Personal care formulas are measured by weight instead of volume for maximum batch consistency and for ease of manufacturing. Whenever you are formulating new personal care products, you must read your formulas carefully to consider the role that each raw ingredient plays within the formulation and how they interact with one another.

Sourcing Natural Materials

The best personal care formulations include high-quality natural ingredients. As consumers have become more educated on all aspects of personal care and beauty, the demand for natural and clean beauty products has grown. Sourcing natural materials requires an in-depth knowledge of advanced formulations. For example, it is possible to replace parabens with healthier alternatives, such as surface active glycols and organic acids to safely and effectively preserve personal care formulations. This provides the consumer with a safer alternative to personal care products made with parabens. However, it does require the use of certain materials that must be sourced directly from high-quality suppliers.

Avoiding Toxic Ingredients

The best personal care formulation is one that does not include any toxic ingredients. Consumers in 2021 are savvy about the personal care items that they purchase, and they know to look for terms like non-toxic, natural, clean, and cruelty-free on the label. In order for any personal care product to be labeled as natural, it should be free of toxic ingredients such as aluminum, mercury, zinc, lead, and parabens. Heavy metals like aluminum and mercury are often used in personal care formulations to function as sweat blockers or lightening agents. However, they can cause hormone disruption if they accumulate in the body. Similarly, parabens have been found to mimic estrogen and the use of parabens in cosmetics could cause fertility issues for some women.

Omya Kinetik’s Natural Personal Care Formulations

From natural based moisturizers to paraben-free suncare, formulating for personal care products and cosmetics means navigating complex documentation and technical requirements. Omya Kinetik is a leading curator of high-quality, raw materials designed for innovative product formulations. Discover the best personal care formulations for your brand with the right consultative support and resources.

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