NSF/ANSI 305: “Contains Organic Ingredients” Standard: What Brands Need to Know


 June 10, 2019

Personal care brands that formulate and sell clean products with organic ingredients should strongly consider obtaining the NSF/ANSI 305: “Contains Organic Ingredients” certification. With the clean beauty market exploding, product labels that assure consumers of their organic authenticity benefit from a distinct advantage on the shelves.

What exactly is the NSF/ANSI 305: “Contains Organic Ingredients” standard and how can brands benefit from becoming certified?

What Does NSF Mean?

Since 1944, NSF has been a leading agency facilitating the development of rigorous standards to test and certify that products and systems are safe for public health. Recognized by regulatory agencies at the local, state, federal and international level, the NSF certification mark means that a product complies with all standard requirements. As an accredited, third-party organization, NSF’s overall mission is to protect and improve global human health.

Third-party certification, according to NSF, means that an “independent organization has reviewed the manufacturing process of a product and has independently determined that the final product complies with specific standards for safety, quality or performance.” This can include formulation/material reviews, testing and facility inspections.

NSF certifies food, beverages, kitchen plumbing, supplements, interior furnishings and more. Products with the NSF certification are verified as compliant with the strict standards and processes established by the NSF for public health safety.

In an effort to provide standards for production and labeling of personal care products, NSF developed the NSF/ANSI 305: Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients standard.

What is NSF/ANSI 305: Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients?

The NSF/ANSI 305 standards follow similar guiding principles as the National Organic Program “to protect the environment, avoid the use of toxic ingredients in the manufacture of organic products, and ensure traceability and organic integrity.” It is the only American National Standard that defines labeling and marketing requirements for organic personal care products.

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According to NSF, in order to qualify for the NSF/ANSI 305 certification, “products must undergo a thorough review by an accredited organic certifying organization to verify that a manufacturer’s product formulation contains at least 70 percent organic content by weight.” While this is similar to the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) regulations for other organic products, the NSF/ANSI 305 standard also has specific requirements for organic ingredients, materials, processes and production specifications. These green chemistry processes and preservatives enable manufacturers to greatly increase the product’s effectiveness and develop their line of personal care products formulated with organic ingredients.

Considered a best practice by the Organic Trade Association, products certified as NSF/ANSI 305 can utilize the NSF “contains organic ingredients” mark on their label as well a “Certified by QAI” statement. This covers a variety of personal care products such as cosmetics, moisturizers, soaps, shower gel, etc.

Why Should Brands Consider NSF/ANSI 305: Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients Certification?

Becoming NSF-certified offers brands many benefits, such as:

  • Demonstrate to consumers compliance with national or international regulations
  • Verify their commitment to safety
  • Increase credibility with retailers
  • Improve product quality
  • Differentiate product from competitors
  • Reduce consumer barriers to purchase


Many clean beauty brands undergo certification and bear the NSF mark on their packaging to help consumers make educated purchasing decisions.

Choosing the right organic standard for your brand can be the difference between a successful product and a flop. At Kinetik, we not only supply high-quality, natural ingredients, we have vast experience working with NSF/ANSI 305 in the formulation and certification of personal care products made with organic ingredients.

If you’re unsure how to get started with NSF/ANSI 305 certification or have any questions, contact us at (732) 335-5775 for more information. Kinetik is headquartered in the USA, but we work with clients and represent suppliers worldwide.

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  • Dermosoft 1388 Eco – Natural Blend of organic acids with broad antimicrobial activity.
  • Dermosoft Decalact – Natural and mild replacement for triclosan.  Highly effective against microorganisms associated with skin disorders.
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  • Resplanta PGF – Babassu – Ethoxylate-Free water dispersible emollient from babassu oil