Neurocosmetics – The Next Level of Clean Beauty


 December 2, 2018

Are neurocosmetics the new clean beauty?

What Are Neurocosmetics?

Neurocosmetics are non-toxic, bio-active topical products which contain special ingredients designed to work on a neurological level. The concept is not new. Initiated around 2007 these mediator-receptor interactions between the skin and the nervous system have led to a new approach when it comes to skin health and aging.

The concept behind neurocosmetics stems from a combination of the NICE (nervous, immune, cutaneous and endocrine systems) and the TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) approach. The active ingredients in neurocosmetics are unique because they target nerve endings of the skin that are sensitive to cold, heat, pain, pressure and pruritus (severe itching).

Designed to prolong cell-life and regulate response to inflammation, advanced neurocosmetics and similar products are beneficial to consumers who are intolerant to certain chemicals and those with sensitive skin.

What Do Brands Need To Know About Neurocosmetics?

As consumers continue to express concerns over anti-pollution and environmental protection for their skin, as well as blue light protection, ingredients used in neurocosmetics are pushing the clean beauty market to a whole new level.

According to Cosmetics Design, neurocosmetics most commonly being used in the class of anti-aging products, which are capable of producing a noticeable feeling of a smoother, more radiant, healthier, and less wrinkled skin.

In response, savvy brands are going beyond the limits of traditional cosmetics and formulating sensitive skin solutions that fight stress and ageing. The end result? Decreased wrinkles, healthier skin, radiant complexion, visibly smoother skin, decreased inflammatory response and an overall “feel-good” or soothing effect.

The skin and the brain have the same embryonic organ. The skin is basically an extension of the brain as they are interconnected by nerves and neuron cells that work to communicate with cells through neuro-transmitting signals.

Active Innovations for Neurocosmetics

Ingredients for neurocosmetics now play an important role in the beauty market. At Kinetik, we provide the high-quality, active ingredients for brands interested in producing and marketing neurocosmetics.

DEFENSIL®-SOFT, for example, is a neurosoother from an edible mushroom, Albatrellus ovinus. Containing Propanediol, Albatrellus Ovinus Extract and Citric Acid, it works as a key mediator for pain and itch sensation in skin. It also delays intrinsic and extrinsic skin aging, thermal aging and resets the skin’s pain threshold.

As an innovative raw materials supplier to the personal care and beauty industries, Kinetik helps brands with the complex formulations they need to address a wide variety of consumer demands. We work with clients and represent suppliers worldwide. Contact us at (732) 335-5775 to speak with one of our sales representatives about ingredients to support your formulations for neurocosmetics today.