Formulating for Natural Hair Care: 3 Key Ingredients


 April 15, 2020

Natural Hair Care

The natural hair care and clean beauty industry is booming. At the same time, consumer expectations are also expanding.

Market Expectations for Natural Hair Care Products

To meet market expectations, brands must deliver natural hair care products that not only perform well but also respond to consumer’ hair concerns that span gender, ethnicity, hair type and generational needs.

For example:
Natural shampoo formulations must consider foam quality, viscosity adjustments and consistency, along with efficient cleansing.
Conditioner formulation qualities should include wet covering, manageability, deposition on the hair and detangling abilities.
Styling aids and fixatives should have natural styling ingredients that accomplish the required level of feel and hair holding power.

The best opportunities for brands come when market expectations are taken into consideration. Innovations in both product offerings and natural ingredients will be key to reach eco-minded consumers with increasingly high product expectations.

3 Nourishing Ingredients for Natural Hair Care

Natural is at the heart of everything we represent at Kinetik. Of course, there are hundreds of natural ingredients that can be used in hair care products. Click the links below to discover more about these raw, natural ingredients at Kinetik.

Note: This is not intended to be used as a formulation or recipe, but is a quick overview of 3 popular raw ingredient categories used in natural hair products.


Common emollients are fats, oils and butters and can help to reduce the amount of moisture lost, and “seal” in the water. Shea butter is an excellent emollient high in fatty acids which means it can provide a layer of oil on the surface of hair. Coconut oil is another popular ingredient for naturals that also provides shine and strength to hair.


Humectants such as jojoba extract, work to attract moisture and bind it to the hair or skin. Castor seed oil is a vegetable oil humectant that also has anti-fungal properties to ensure a clean scalp. Aloe vera can also be used to promote hair growth and treat scalp problems since it contains enzymes that stimulate hair follicles.


Natural emulsifiers, such as beeswax and vegan beeswax substitutes, are commonly used for conditioners and leave-in hair care products. Acting as a surfactant, emulsifiers are compounds that stabilize emulsions and help keep water and oil ingredients together in a homogenous mixture.

Find Raw Hair Care Ingredients at Kinetik

Whether you need raw ingredients for skin care, hair care or cosmetics, Kinetik can help you find the natural ingredients and provide the support you need for your next clean beauty formulation.

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