The Case For Adding Natural Deodorant To Your Line Up


 September 23, 2018

We’re seeing a shift in the personal care market. As more Americans opt for eco-friendly or organic products, savvy brands are formulating more alternatives to meet the growing demands. From clean beauty to natural deodorant, these brands are listening to their audience and finding ways to improve.

How are you responding to natural deodorant demands?

Why Consumers Are Making the Switch to Natural Deodorants

Natural DeodorantThe natural deodorant market has skyrocketed over the last couple decades as more consumers seek plant-based alternatives to mainstream personal care and cosmetic products. These trends are primarily due to concerns over health dangers associated with conventional products and desire to make more eco-friendly choices.

Compared to the conventional antiperspirants and deodorants often formulated with aluminum, propylene glycol and artificial fragrances, natural formulas are sweeping the deodorant segment as healthier alternatives.

With studies on dangerous effects of antiperspirants, some research is showing a link between the body’s absorption of aluminum and dementia as well as a connection with breast cancer. Even though these studies are preliminary, consumers are still concerned about the chemicals potentially lurking in their antiperspirant. Many are drawn to the safer, natural options out of a desire to skip the pore-clogging aluminum compounds.

As consumers become more aware of the importance of embracing a nontoxic personal care regimen, we expect to see an increase in demand for organic and natural deodorants in all markets: athletes, millennials, teens, etc. The natural deodorant forces are gaining ground with women and men, young and old. In fact, according to the ‘Global Organic Deodorant Market By Product Type, By Point of Sale, By Region, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2012–2022’, the global organic deodorant market is projected to grow by over 15% through 2022.

And savvy brands, such as Schmidt’s Naturals, Fatco, Nourish Organic and Kaia Naturals, have already jumped on board, grabbing consumer’s attention with alternatives to conventional antiperspirants.

The opportunity is there.

Now is the perfect time for you to explore natural deodorant alternatives with eco-friendly ingredients and experience growth with new, innovative brand positioning.

What Are You Doing About Natural Deodorant Demands?

Natural DeodorantAt Kinetik, we offer a variety of easy-to-use natural oil gellants to help you create natural alternatives that stand out, stay ahead and seize the natural body care movement.

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