Minimalist Beauty: Understanding the Shift Toward Minimalist Formulations


 May 7, 2019

Driven by a strong desire to clean up and simplify their beauty routine—especially for the summer—consumers are looking for natural products that feature minimalist formulations. They want products that get the job done efficiently, while being good for their bodies and the environment.

As the market shifts toward classic, minimalist beauty, today’s consumer charges brands with cleaning up their products, while rising to meet their expectations. But, what does minimalistic beauty mean and how can brands leverage minimalist formulations to respond to consumer demands?

What is Minimalist Beauty?

Minimalist beauty encompasses more than just simpler packaging and catchy “green” marketing. The definition of minimalist beauty varies depending on where you look. We believe that minimalist beauty simplifies the approach to both the process and final result in order to enhance one’s natural beauty.

Minimalist beauty excludes ingredients such as fragrances (both natural and synthetic), fillers and other enhancements used to amplify marketing claims. Whether creams or loose powders, it’s about innovating clean, multipurpose products with minimal ingredients that aim to simplify processes and give consumers that look of moderation.

What are Minimalist Formulations? Kinetik

What are Minimalist Formulations?

Minimalist skin care brands formulate products with fewer ingredients. They use simple packaging with honest, no frills claims. They give consumers the confidence that they’re putting fewer chemicals onto their skin, while simplifying their beauty routines to only the essentials.

According to Refinery29, the new wave of minimalist beauty products are “formulated with organic, innovative ingredients and poured into packaging that’ll look perfect displayed on your dresser just so, they belong to the new guard of beauty products: based in nature and appealing to the part of you that worries about parabens and propylene glycol, with ingredients that are as clean as the sans serif font on the bottle.”

Eco-friendly and sustainable, the use of minimalist formulations in cosmetics also provides comfort and transparency for consumers concerned about their impact on the environment.

Providing Support for Minimalist Formulations Kinetik

Providing Support for Minimalist Formulations

One of the key drivers behind minimalist formulations is a strong consumer desire to simplify their beauty routines. They are looking for efficient products that get the job done and are good for their skin. To formulate these kinds of products, it’s important to focus on what’s truly important to the product and include natural ingredients that also offer multiple benefits.


With over 16 years of formulation expertise, Kinetik has created a wide range of emollients, emulsifiers, solubilizers and other specialties for brands to find their niche within the emerging trend towards minimalism.

Discover minimalist cosmetic ingredients with Kinetik:

  • Abysoft – multi-tasking ingredient for skin, hair, color cosmetics with moisturizing benefits
  • Pantrofina Skin 360 – Mediterranean botanical with universal skin multifunctionality to protect and soothe, reduce the appearance of ageing signs and fights damage from daily pollution.
  • Dermofeel TocoBalance – Soy-free, rapeseed derived antioxidant with balanced content of mixed tocopherols.  Offering both skin and formulation protection.
  • GLB Essentials Green Wax S – 100% naturally-derived, high-performance O/W emulsifying blend. Creates “alcohol-free” emulsions in a wide range of viscosities.

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