What Cosmetic Brands Need to Know About Kosher Beauty


 October 8, 2018

Today, many consumers want beauty products that align with their values. Whether they’re looking for clean beauty products to help the environment, organic soaps to be good to their bodies or vegan color cosmetics to adopt more ethical living, savvy brands are taking notice. In addition, many Jewish women are looking for Kosher beauty products that adhere to their religious rules.

Going above and beyond with all of our ingredients and formulations, Kinetik stays on top of important topics such as Kosher beauty to give brands a competitive edge.

What is Kosher Beauty?

The Hebrew word kosher translates to mean right or proper. While often associated with food, traditionally, Jews will rid their entire home of unleavened products in preparation for Passover by cleaning out their beauty products and cosmetics. As far as Kosher and the Passover law is concerned, lipstick and perfume are considered digestible products.

When your beauty product or brand is certified Kosher, consumers know that you comply with the strict requirements of Kosher laws. This includes regulations regarding ingredients, cleanliness, quality and purity. According to Kosher Certification, to be certified Kosher, “all ingredients in every product—and the process of preparing the product—must be certified for orthodox Kosher-compliance too.”

You don’t have to be Jewish to appreciate the fact that Kosher beauty products use highly sanitary methods, often making them more pure than traditional products. As more and more consumers are looking for Kosher beauty products and cosmetics, brands are turning to organic ingredients in response.

Kosher Beauty Ingredients

The “blessed beauty” movement focused on religious values is nothing new. Halal beauty, for example, complies with the Islamic practice and also does not use animal products or alcohol.

As an established Kosher brand, you (and your customers) are holding yourself to a higher standard by formulating beauty products that are free from animal by-products and cruelty. This also includes corn syrup, rye, wheat, oat, barley and alcohol. Kosher brands also focus on non-GMO formulas and tend to use eco-friendly packaging.

A couple big-name Kosher beauty brands include Arbonne and Shaindee. Kosher.org has listed out more on their website.

Kosher Beauty Solutions By Kinetik

Whether you need clean extracts, Kosher beauty stabilizers or waxes, Kinetik is your best source for specialty ingredients and quality formulations.

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