Wax Alternatives from KahlWax


 September 10, 2020

Wax Alternatives from KahlWax

At Kinetik, we pride ourselves on aligning with the very best natural suppliers that provide quality ingredients for quality formulators. Aligning with a premier wax supplier, like KahlWax, enables Kinetik to provide new and innovative ingredients for growing personal care and cosmetics brands.

Featured Supplier: KahlWax

KahlWax, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of natural waxes, offers a high-quality, vegetable alternative to classic petroleum jellies for skin and hair care products including Beeswax and Carnauba wax, Candelilla wax, and countless other plant-derived waxes.

Unlike many wax suppliers that sell into food, cosmetics, and industrial applications, KahlWax is only focused on the personal care market.

Plant-Derived Waxes

KahlWax is constantly developing new products for the personal care and cosmetics market. From hair care to skin care to color cosmetics, they are focused on every aspect of personal care.

According to KahlWax, “The wax industry is inevitably linked with nature as natural waxes are produced by bio-organisms to protect themselves against mechanical stress, loss of moisture, parasites and UV radiation. Natural waxes are synthesized biochemically by numerous plants and animals. Especially in warm climates, plants secrete waxes as a way to control evaporation and hydration, essentially to protect against dehydration. Besides providing stability, enhancing viscosity and consistency, they form flexible, protective layers and many of them have a superb, light, soft, and buttery skin feel.”

Rest assured that KahlWax only produces extremely high quality and innovative products you cannot find anywhere else.

Innovative Ingredients by KahlWax

Discover their line of innovative wax based jelly products that are used across multiple product types. They also have an extensive line of floral waxes like rose wax, jasmine wax, and tea wax. All of these products have very unique textures and performance profiles that work well in many formulas.

Some of their newest products include Megasoft Complex, Berry Jelly and KahlBase, which we carry at Kinetik. Take a look:

Megasoft Complex is a special blend of natural waxes, oils, and emollients, enriched with phytosterols, suited for all skin and hair care applications. It deeply nourishes without feeling heavy, making it ideal for products where a pleasantly light skin feel is desired, such as hand and face creams, lotions, and foundations. Acts as a non-greasy conditioning agent in hair products by acting as an non-oily protective agent that adds an emollient feel to the hair, improving softness and compatibility..

BerryJelly is a blend of wax and oil in natural and vegan quality. It can be used in all kinds of color cosmetics, skin, and hair care applications and has a super soft, silky lip and skin feel, and improves pay-off of color cosmetics.

KahlBase is made exclusively from natural materials such as jojoba oil, castor oil, and a mix of berry, candelilla, sunflower, and carnauba wax. It is designed for matte lipsticks and simply requires the addition of pigments.

Formulate with KahlWax

As your trusted partner in raw, natural ingredients for personal care, skin care, cosmetics, and more, Kinetik offers the support brands need to formulate with ingredients from the best suppliers, like KahlWax.

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