Is J Beauty the new K Beauty?


 October 12, 2018

Is J Beauty the new K Beauty?  It has been the question on everyone’s mind for the past year. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two and the direction that the cosmetic marketplace competition trends are headed today.

Japanese skincare and hair trends have sparked an interest in cosmetics users in Asia and around the world. While every country has a unique approach, when it comes to determining what buyers are looking for today, Korean beauty vs Japanese beauty is a hot topic.

Japanese beauty (J beauty) and Korean (K beauty) beauty are often confused or even grouped together. While they have some similarities with their ‘less-is-more’ philosophy and focus on hydration, there are more differences in methods, formulations and ingredients than many realize.

Let’s take a look.

What is Korean Beauty?

In the past we’ve seen Korean beauty take the world by storm with their fun, innovative packaging, use of unconventional formulations and in-the-moment colors. Leading the way in ingredient discoveries, K beauty products are often pushed out at the moment a trend starts to get hot (think: sheet mask).

But now the attention is turning to Japanese beauty brands.

What is Japanese Beauty?

Drawing on rich heritage and century-old traditions, Japanese beauty relies on scientific research and innovative formulations to ensure product quality with promising benefits. They keep things simple and clean.

Their focus is about prevention, rather than repairing. With simple cleansing and nourishing skin routines, porcelain skin-like texture (touki-hada) is often sought after. Many consumers look for brands that favor a more natural look, with less time-consuming routines. And they want the following characteristics: translucent, moisturizing, smooth and uniform colors, elasticity and firmness.

Even more, consumers are looking for transparent J beauty brands with integrity. Which is why savvy J brands are focused on quality manufacturing, refinement and ingredients featuring groundbreaking technologies.

Huda Kattan, a beauty blogger, describes it nicely,  “The truth is, K-Beauty is like the cool little sister of Japanese skincare – she’s a little more involved in trends, but has the same DNA. While the Japanese are creating incredibly complex, technological formulas with trusted traditional ingredients, the Koreans are using similar amazing ingredients, but transforming them into cool new formulas with funky packaging that reflect their society and love for fun and fast-paced pop culture. But this definitely doesn’t mean K-Beauty performs to a lower standard. Instead, K-beauty were the ones who drew attention to a new way of treating the skin that centers around healing, hydrating and nourishing it, but Japanese beauty has always done this – just quietly. ”

International Beauty Ingredients By Kinetik

With J beauty undoubtedly on the rise, now is the time to start or refine your own J beauty product line-up. Whether or not J Beauty is the new K Beauty, or just another fad, Kinetik helps brands with innovative and specialty ingredients stay on trend and ahead of the competition.

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