Secrets Behind Instagram’s Biggest Beauty Brands


 October 25, 2018

With the seal of approval of influential beauty bloggers and visually stunning posts that match in tone, color and style, Instagram’s biggest beauty brands aren’t just about looking pretty with #nofilter.

With over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks worldwide and a game-changing space for beauty brands to connect with consumers. But, when it comes to courting Millennial and Gen Z consumers, success relies on two things: how well the brand stands out on the IG feed (getting attention) and how well the products actually work (keeping that attention).

Do these beauty brands really live up to the Insta-hype? Let’s find out.

#instagood: Instagram’s Biggest Beauty Brands

According to Statista latest numbers (as of December 2017), the top ten leading beauty brands, ranked by number of Instagram followers, include:

1. MAC Cosmetics

Known for its bold, colorful looks, professional photography is the secret to their successful, highly engaged, Instagram account.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ feed is full of video content, combined with user generated content, mostly tutorials.

3. Sephora

If you’re a beauty brand sold at Sephora, regram their high-performing posts to save yourself some Instagram creation time.

4. Calvin Klein

This beauty and fashion power-house proves that you can combine different categories together to create an incredibly successful account.

5. NYX Professional Makeup

Here’s another one of Instagram’s biggest beauty brands, which combines user-generated content with their own to really connect with their audience. NYX gets bonus points for their cruelty-free products, which they highlight with their #crueltyfreebeauty hashtag.

6. Too Faced Cosmetics

This big beauty brand stands out with high-quality photos that make people stop scrolling in their tracks.

7. Urban Decay Cosmetics

Urban Decay keeps their audience interested with a lot of video tutorials and makeup hacks, mixed in with funny captions and jaw-dropping images.

8. Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte cosmetics is a high-performing, natural beauty brand that features vegan-friendly , cruelty-free products using their #rethinknatural hashtag. They keep users interested by posting a lot of tutorial video content, mixed in with giveaways and plenty of trending product features.

9. Benefit Cosmetics US

Mastering the art of a gorgeous Instagram color palette and signature style, Benefit Cosmetics does it best. Plus, with their savvy cross-promotional efforts in Snapchat, they stay on top of keeping fans engaged.

10. Maybelline

Why is Maybelline winning at social media? They’re masters of driving engagement by mixing in frequent educational posts with savvy influencer relationships that earn engagement with new audiences.

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