Natural Personal Care Products and a Healthy Skin Microbiome


 August 12, 2020

The Relationship Between Natural Personal Care Products and a Healthy Skin Microbiome

The skin microbiome is one of the most progressive areas of development in natural skin care, today. And this trend is powered by consumers increasingly aware of the trillions of microorganisms crawling on their skin and the products that support them.

Since the skin is exposed to so many different irritants in the external environment, such as the sun, radiation, pollution, and chemicals in the environment, it can become thin and inflamed. Inflamed skin conditions such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis can also be connected to poor skin microbiome health. Other skin problems that can occur due to a microbiome imbalance include: dandruff, diaper rash, beard irritation, red, dry and sensitive skin.

Consumer behaviors are always changing. But, you can be sure they are looking for ways to incorporate personal care products and cosmetics that can reduce harmful bacteria and encourage a healthy skin microbiome.

Forward-Thinking Personal Care Brands

Forward-thinking personal care brands are listening and recognize the importance of exploring the microbiome for personal care products. In the past, researchers explored harsh ingredients and antibiotics to address problematic bacteria. But, killing the bad bacteria (such as Staphylococcus aureus) also damages the good bacteria (such as S. epidermidis). Skin products can end up drying out skin if not formulated correctly.

Alternatively, eliminating harsh ingredients and using active ingredients is one of the best things to do to address the community of flora on the skin while preserving beneficial bacteria. Big players such Procter & Gamble and L’Oréal have taken an interest in specific formulations that support skin health. But even the smaller start-ups and forward-thinking brands have already introduced ingredients for products that enhance the skin microbiome.

Formulators: take note.

Nutraceuticals for Skin Protection

Nutraceuticals are vital for healthy skin. Vitamins, probiotics, and prebiotics are just a few of the nutraceutical ingredients that can help to support skin health.


When it comes to a healthy skin microbiome, vitamins don’t mess around.

  • Vitamin A, known as retinoids, for example, are an important ingredient that helps to enhance cell turnover and increase collagen production.
  • Vitamin B vitamins help to improve skin barrier function and have been shown to inhibit pathways involved in inflammation.
  • Vitamin C can help to improve skin barrier function and exert antimicrobial effects on key bacteria linked to acne.

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What do probiotics and healthy skin ecosystems look like for the personal care industry? According to market researcher Hexa Research, the value of the U.S. probiotic cosmetics market set to hit $37.8 million by 2025. A study by The American Academy of Dermatology found that probiotics can have a calming effect on the skin and prevent the immune system from attacking other beneficial microorganisms and bacteria.

Probiotics deliver microorganisms; they add in “good” bacteria. When applied topically, probiotics help balance the skin by rebalancing its ecosystem and controlling harmful bacteria that could be aggravating skin cells.


In addition to probiotics, prebiotics are also an effective way to nourish and improve the skin’s barrier and maintain hydration. Prebiotic formulations help support a healthy skin microbiome by inducing bacterial growth, and along with it, skin health.

Prebiotics feed the “good” bacteria.

Personal Care Formulations that Support a Healthy Skin Microbiome

As the clean skincare movement propels forward, consumer’s desire for harnessing the power of natural ingredients will continue to run strong. Looking for personal care formulations that support a healthy skin microbiome?

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