Benefits of CBD in Beauty Products


 April 27, 2020

Benefits of CBD in Beauty Products

Curious about the benefits of CBD in beauty products? The beauty industry is constantly innovating new products to help consumers look and feel better. In recent years, a shift towards clean beauty has occurred, making sure those same products are actually good for the consumer’s health, not just appearance.

Clean beauty brands with organic ingredients have become the new norm. Within clean beauty, the newest trend is CBD-infused formulas, across myriad beauty categories.

CBD Gaining Traction in Beauty Products

Cannabidiol is an organic ingredient that has gained a lot of attention over the past year. Innovators are exploring the possibilities of cannabidiol, or CBD, in a wide variety of applications, including the use of CBD in beauty products. The research on the benefits of CBD in beauty products is promising.

CBD has quickly become one of the biggest trends in the beauty industry. Top celebrities and health professionals are embracing the anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, antioxidant, and pain-relieving properties of CBD. Their endorsement, along with other top influencers, has made CBD the beauty ingredient that everyone is talking about in 2020.

In 2018, the Farm Bill legalized CBD at the federal level. Since then, CBD has been showing up in beauty products such as makeup, balms, bath bombs, body oils, face lotions, and creams. CBD is the non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant, lending powerful anti-inflammatory properties when applied to the body and skin.

Fight Inflammation- CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory. For those who suffer from inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea, CBD can feel like a miracle ingredient. It has also been shown to help reduce breakouts and calm redness by decreasing excess levels of skin oils.
Soothe Sensitive Skin- For easily irritated skin, CBD can help to inhibit flare-ups like eczema and psoriasis. Many beauty products infused with CBD claim to nourish skin by locking in moisture levels and calming irritations.
Combat Signs of Aging- CBD can help rejuvenate a dull complexion and even out skin tone. For consumers searching for the fountain of youth, CBD may be the closest thing discovered yet!

Discover Beauty Product Formulations with CBD at Kinetik

To help enhance the effectiveness of CBD in beauty products, brands often include other plant-based ingredients with therapeutic properties. For example, a bath bomb with CBD may also include the essential oil, lavender. Lavender doesn’t just have a pleasant fragrance but has also been shown to calm the nervous system and aid sleep. Together, CBD and lavender create a therapeutically effective combination.

Kinetik is a dynamic and customer-focused distributor of high-quality specialty ingredients from around the globe, for the natural personal care and cosmetic markets. We have a passion for innovation. From raw materials to market-ready formulations, Kinetik helps clients seamlessly through the entire beauty product development and production process.

Find CBD at Kinetik

CiBiDinol™ from Xceptor- Formulated with Cannabidiol from Hemp, CiBiDinol is designed to make the CBD molecule more bioavailable. This water-dispersible complex provides enhanced delivery, up to 30 times more cannabidiol to the skin.

GLS CBD 10 from Green Line- Many beauty brands use this standardized CBD extract to provide antioxidant, anti-aging, skin-soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits in their formulas

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