Beauty Trends 2019


 December 26, 2018

Exciting Beauty Trends 2019

Knowing what buyers need and want from their beauty products is the ultimate goal of every beauty brand. Instead of relying on guesswork, beauty brands pay careful attention to consumer behavior and shifting buying patterns to strategize their marketing. In particular, brands looking to improve loyalty and revenue in the coming year need to pay attention to these emerging consumer behavior and beauty trends for 2019.

Today’s beauty brands are challenged to please consumers who want affordable convenience, but also quality and values. From defensive skin care to clean beauty, discover the top beauty trends of 2019 predicted to influence consumer behaviors next year.

Beauty Trends 2019 According to Mintel

Beauty Trends 2019 Kinetik

According to a new report by Mintel: Global Consumer Trends 2019, the global consumer landscape will evolve over the next year more than ever. Driven by themes such as individuality, wellness, sustainability, convenience and passion, these exciting trends for 2019 will help to shape future products and formulation innovations.

Total Well-Being Kinetik

  • Total Well-Being

Consumers will continue treating their bodies like ecosystems. They seek natural personal care products that complement their personal health and evolving needs. Health-conscious buyers are flocking to personal care products with more natural components, like paraben-free or organic ingredients, to place a stronger focus on holistic self-care.

The report states, “In 2019 and beyond, growing consumer curiosity with the microbiome shows no signs of abating. From gut-friendly fermented foods to probiotic skincare, consumers will demand products that balance and boost the natural bacteria found in and on the body.

Sustainability Kinetik

  • Sustainability

Buyers are looking for more than just body- and earth-friendly ingredients. Today’s customers are taking a careful look at packaging and which brands are using plastics.

They are reviewing their own behaviors and placing a focus on patronizing brands with sustainable packaging in 2019. Brands adopting environmentally-friendly packaging will be rewarded, both at the register and through influencers on social media that champion sustainability and environmental causes.

The report states, “As consumers continue to challenge brands over the perils of plastic waste, the development of recyclable products and packaging that are convenient for consumers to separate will be critical.”

Passion Kinetik

  • Passion

Today’s growing momentum to take on new challenges, especially on social media sites like Instagram, will drive consumers to explore new brands, uncovering passions along the way. In 2019, brands will be challenged to become more experiential, engaging and in line with consumer passions.

The report states, “As appetites for adventure grow, consumers are becoming more willing than ever to expand their comfort zones, push themselves to the limit with new experiences and use social media to compete with and offer inspiration to their peers.”


Convenience and Connectivity

  • Convenience and Connectivity

As consumers become increasingly comfortable with making purchases online, the opportunities for brands to make personal connections with them rises. While technology is not necessarily changing their needs, it does enable new behaviors and opens more doors for brands to interact with their audience and enhance customer experiences.

The report states, “Facilitating connections and creating unique spaces where communities can be built is the next stage in cultivating customer loyalty. Brands who position their physical and virtual ‘space’ as places for consumers to meet, while also eating, shopping or taking part in a leisure activity, will lead to a boost in not only engagement, but revenue.”

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