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 November 19, 2018

The Bath Bomb Market is Exploding

It all started back circa 1988 with Lush Cosmetics looking to offer an alternative to bubble bath when they developed a new product, the bath bomb. With ingredients such as natural butters, essential oils and salts, tightly packed into a mold, the end result was a relaxing, moisturizing experience for users.


While the concept of adding salts is nothing new – bath salts have been used for centuries due to their positive effect on mental and physical health. Their unique concept of packing the salts into a tight ball and adding natural fragrances into the mix resulted in the explosion of the bath bomb market as we know it today.

Still among Lush’s top selling products, the market for bath bombs shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, just last year, Lush sold 21 million handmade bath bombs. This momentum has inspired a lot more companies to jump on the bath bomb bandwagon, formulating their own unique twist on the the fragrant bath fizz.

Taking Advantage of the Growing Bath Bomb Market

Since 2015, bath bomb sales have increased by over 70%, with customers skewing female and under 35. Why such the surge?

It’s not just the ritual of a relaxing soak in the tub to wind down before bed. Americans are working longer hours, staring at screens longer than ever and stressed beyond compare. Self-care and the benefits of achieving mental balance are becoming increasingly accepted and encouraged.

A bath is considered an “off-switch” for today’s on-the-go, always-connected consumer. It’s one hour of “me-time” without the screen (or homework, chores, etc.) and forces you to take a much-needed break and find balance in life.

Take that and add it to the exposure Instagram provides and brands have a powerful recipe for success.

Ingredients for Bath Bombs

Ready to formulate and take advantage of the growing bath bomb market? Kinetik offers the ingredients you need to stay ahead of the trends.

As an innovative raw materials supplier to the personal care and beauty industries, we help brands source the complex ingredients they need to exceed their consumer demands and out pace their competition. Whether for bath bombs, soaps, cosmetics, etc., we have you covered.

Here are just a few examples of bath bomb ingredients you’ll find at Kinetik.
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