Anti-Pollution and Environmental Protection: Responding to Urgent Consumer Needs


 September 25, 2018

Environmental pollution is not just a matter of affecting the lungs and mucous membranes. As a skin care and cosmetic brand, anti-pollution and environmental protection efforts must be a formulation priority.

Pollution affects each of us on a daily basis. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, more than 80 percent of urban dwellers are exposed to unsafe levels of air pollution.

From contaminating the air we breathe to impacting our health and wellness, consumers are taking these concerns very seriously. And, they’re anxiously looking for skin care, hair care and cosmetic products designed to protect their skin from the harmful effects of environmental pollution.

What Are Anti-Pollution and Environmental Protection Skincare Products?

Anti-Pollution and Environmental protectionFor many years the skin care industry has developed products designed to protect against UV and even blue-light induced skin damage. Now, formulators are focusing on ways to ward off the effects of air pollution.

As consumer awareness on the effects of pollution continues to increase, we’re noticing the expansion of skin care brands producing products designed to shield from its harmful effect. These consumer demands have created an urgency for brands in the personal care industry to discover and create products that not only improve compromised skin, but also provide an active environmental protection barrier against pollution.

But, pollution protection extends beyond the scope of skin care. Today’s consumer is more aware than ever before, which has led to the desire for even more anti-pollution products including hair care, hygiene products, cosmetics, lotion etc. Looking ahead to the coming year, we expect to see an even larger number of personal care brands launching anti-pollution products that provide protection and consumer benefit.

Anti-Pollution and Environmental Protection Formulations By Kinetik

Anti-Pollution and Environmental protectionDoes your product formulation take into consideration the components necessary to protect your customer’s skin and hair from pollution and environmental concerns? To be a market leader, stay competitive and respond to increasing consumer demands, brands must continue to innovate product formulations that serve a strong environmental protection purpose.

Need anti-pollution and environmental protection ingredients for your cosmetic formulations?

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